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Why is a physical exam important?

If you aren’t getting regular physical exams, you most likely wait until you’re experiencing symptoms to visit the doctor. At that point, though, the condition causing your symptoms has had time to develop in your body. With physical exams, Dr. Plute screens your body regularly. This allows her to catch health conditions early, before they can cause you any discomfort or inconvenience. What’s more, treating conditions in their early stages makes less invasive treatment more effective. 

Moreover, regular physical exams give you peace of mind. Just like routinely taking your car into the shop or crossing off your home maintenance to-dos helps you relax knowing everything is properly handled, these exams allow you to rest easy knowing you’re taking a proactive approach to your health. 

How often should I get a physical exam?

You should get a physical exam at least once a year. Dr. Plute can recommend the right exam schedule for you. If you’re healthy, a yearly exam allows her to screen you frequently enough to prevent disease. But if you have a preexisting condition or a family health history of a specific health risk, she may recommend more frequent exams. 

Who should get a physical exam?

In short, everyone. Dr. Plute offers exams for people of all ages. Starting your children with exams at a young age helps establish this healthy habit.

What does my physical exam include?

At Paragon Personal Healthcare, your physical exam is much more than a quick check of your vitals. Even though Dr. Plute does check your heart, lungs, temperature, and blood pressure, she doesn’t stop there. She offers executive-style exams, meaning your exam is personalized to you and is comprehensive. It might include:

  • A fitness assessment

  • An electrocardiogram (EKG)

  • A vision screening

  • A hearing screening

  • A pulmonary function test

After your physical exam, you may get a written report of all of the results of your exam, so you can stay informed about your health. Additionally, you get preventive medicine recommendations to help you protect your health along with a personalized wellness plan. 

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