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Which is the Better Option: Brow Tint or Henna Brows?


Eyebrow tinting is the process of applying semi-permanent dye to enhance, darken, and define your brows. Our professional eyebrow tint lasts anywhere from 4-6 weeks. The tint will gradually fade, however, the rate at which it does depends on how well you care for your brows, and the beauty products you use. The dye we use is also cruelty-free and vegan, making them the perfect choice for eco-conscious clients.


Brow henna is another type of tinting that has become very popular, this treatment involves using henna dye to tint the eyebrows. Henna is a natural dye derived from the leaves of the henna plant, it has been practiced for over 5,000 years for body art and to dye the skin and hair but is fairly new to the beauty industry. Brow henna tints the skin and hair for up to 6 weeks, the tint lasts on the skin for up to 10 days giving a bolder, fuller, defined brow. It's also a great way to try out a brow shape before committing to microblading or any other eyebrow PMU (permanent makeup service) services.


Eyebrow tinting and brow henna have a lot of similarities but if your eyebrows already have a great shape and you just want some added color brow tint would be the best option for you. The change that brow tint brings is subtle but gives the brows an enhanced look. Now if you have sparse, thin eyebrows that need filled in brow henna would be a better option. Brow henna ultimately gives you a slightly longer lasting, dramatic, and noticeable change. Both services offer amazing results and if you're still not sure feel free to book a complimentary consultation with one of our estheticians to figure out the best brow service for you!

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